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Activities in Linux Kernel

activities in kernel | anirudhduggal.com

The Linux kernel is a happening place. There are a lot of things going on within the kernel to make the entire system work. This blog outlines some of the most important of those activities. Processes and System Calls Processes…

Structure Of The Linux Kernel

structure of linux kernel | anirudhduggal.com

Linux is an open-source kernel that powers most of the machines forming the internet. Linux is a lot more powerful and flexible in comparison to other kernels making it the go-to kernel / OS choice Linux is not an OS…

TCP/IP Model

tcp/ip model | anirudhduggal.com

TCP/IP is one of the most common suite of networking protocols used. This was first proposed in an RFC in 1989. RFC or request for comment are documents containing methods, innovations, protocols, etc related to the internet. These RFCs may…